My little football player

Liam came home from school and put on his pads and Clay Matthews jersey. Since having a snack, he has been throwing and kicking away in the backyard. I think he is just adorable and I love that he is outside having fun!


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Cave Spring

Over spring break we had a fun outing to Cave Spring Historic Site and Nature Center. We went with Mom and friends, which made it even more fun! I can’t recall how I “found” Cave Spring, but once I did I wondered if I had been before. After talking to Mom, turns out my memory was correct and we had gone more than once as kids with friends. The great thing about the cave is that it is small, but you can go inside! The kids loved exploring. They spent quite a bit of time searching on top of the cave for the tiny opening that was letting in light. Finding it was rather exciting!

There was also a waterfall, which appeared to be rather dry. But, it will be interesting to go back in spring or summer to see if there is more water.

We also enjoyed the cabin ruins. It seems they were dismantled after WWII, leaving only foundations and chimneys. Lots of them! The kids found snail shells around all the stones and thought that was just wonderful.

If you live in Kansas City, enjoy hiking, history, and easy adventures with kids, this is a must do. And if you don’t particularly want to hike, the cave is SO close to the parking lot that you can just go see it alone and have fun.


20140325-215251.jpgIsn’t the tree with exposed roots cool?



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The Best Zoo Trip Ever & my Redheads

This year I decided we would try the Sky Safari at the zoo for the first time ever. Ginger and Liam are old enough to ride alone and I could ride with Genevieve. On the trip back, Ginger an Liam turned back to me and shouted, “Thank you for bringing us to the zoo!” And Liam added, “it had been the best day of my life at the zoo ever”. Boy, way to make my day!!!

As we were leaving, they had to say hello to the polar bear. As they were watching him, I was struck by how red Ginger and Liam’s hair can look in the sunlight. Even next to Genevieve’s hair. So precious!


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Ice Skating with Clifford!

Last weekend we crossed of a final winter “To Do”…ice skating. With the added bonus of skating outdoors at Crown Center with Clifford! It was Genevieve’s first time to skate.

Genevieve and Liam needed a bit more help than Ginger so I didn’t get as many photos of Ginger. Because Genevieve was new to this, she took more breaks and got to talk to Clifford at least three times.

20140301-140024.jpgI happened to see Liam and Ginger holding hands and skating together, but by the time I got out my camera they had lost their balance.

20140301-140038.jpgA friend of mine also happened to be skating with her kids, her oldest went to preschool with Liam. She is so sweet and told me to tell the kids to skate like little ducks with their feet at an angle and it helped SO much. She even skated around with Ginger. I am so thankful because that really helped them out and by the end of our skating time they were all able to skate without holding on to someone or something :)










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Winter Fun

Warming their cold toes after sledding on this snow day!


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School Sweetness

Ginger brought this home from school. I love that she said Genevieve was always talking about Jesus! Made my day.


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St. Nicholas Day 2013

Just a quick post of pictures of the kids with their stockings this morning. They were up around 5:30 and begging to open them–yikes! We have a fun and busy day planned so I hope they make it through! Happy St. Nicholas Day!



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Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013
We had a wet night of Trunk or Treat yesterday, but it was great fun to see friends from school!

It was so wet that we didn’t take pictures together! We had a great night in the neighborhood tonight with our cousins. The kids picked out their costumes weeks ago…Catwoman (third year as some kind of cat), Pikachu (which he had planned since last year), and Doc McStuffins (but she was also wishing to be a Mermaid!)


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Feel Good Pumpkin Pie

I have been trying really hard to make “no sugar” more of a consistent healthy habit. A lifestyle change maybe. Still, it is fall and I sure do enjoy desert! So I was wondering one day if I could sweeten pumpkin pie with only bananas and a quick google search brought up this fantastic recipe. I have made pumpkin pie without crust many times so I wouldn’t have even thought to make an oatmeal crust! Of course, I tend to tweak things so I did change a few things.

1. I pulsed the oats in a food processor just a bit.
2. Didn’t use peanut butter in the crust, just olive oil butter spread. Maybe natural peanut butter next time though because I am curious how it would taste.
3. I didn’t have coconut milk on hand so I just did skim milk. You could substitute whatever type of milk you drink. I am sure the coconut milk would be tasty though.
4. I used egg whites only for the crust and the pie.
5. I omitted the salt. This is just my personal war against so much salt in so many foods.
6. Definitely two bananas (!) and I puréed everything with my immersion blender instead of mashing the bananas.

It was delicious! Not like a full-cup-of-sugar-pumpkin pie, but still cold and creamy and with a crunchy crust. The pumpkin pie spices were also quite tasty. A dessert to feel good about and a recipe worth sharing. I think I will make it for Thanksgiving!




WARNING/TIP: Don’t try this unless you have been off of all types of sugary foods (including honey, maple syrup, artificial sweeteners etc.) for awhile. Your perspective and taste buds change a bit :).

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A Taste of Fall

We went for our annual cider donuts at Dunn’s Cider Mill this morning. It was fun and Liam had a lot of fun with the apple face cut-outs. We are seeing some leaves turning red at out house, time for fun fall traditions!



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