Ready for Dinner

Today while cooking dinner, I let the kids run around the backyard. Out the window, I saw Ginger hopping up and down and talking to Liam very excitedly so I went to the back door to listen and watch. They were standing next to a flower pot that only has dirt in it and there are two Toy Story aliens sitting in it. She was telling him to bury them. I don’t know who had put them in the pot, but I had warned them not to play in the dirt earlier in the day, so I had her come inside and said that she had to help me get ready for dinner. I gave her two plates and told her to get three forks (one for me) and when I turned around there were only two on the table and here was the other one…

About Jessica

I am married to my college sweetheart and have three beautiful children. Things that interest me include: kids, healthy foods, coupons and great shopping deals. I am getting used to life with three little ones and my goals are getting my home organized, getting back into shape, and most of all loving my family & friends well each day!
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