Swimming Lessons

Last week the kids had their first swimming lesson.  It is a preschool age class so they can be together.  They had a lot of fun last week             and made some progress this week.  Liam was hanging on the wall and started to cry, thankfully Mom could see him since his back was to me and she helped him out.  He didn’t want to blow bubbles.  That hadn’t happened last time.  This instructor would ask them if they wanted to blow bubbles/kick/float and they would tell him no (of course!).  Liam even told him “I can’t do that”.  I am going to have them work on blowing bubbles in the bathtub this week and hope that things go better next week.  At the end of the lesson, he had them jump in.  Ginger didn’t want to at first, but the other instructor had her jump and she went under just a little bit and wasn’t upset about it.  That was great!

About Jessica

I am married to my college sweetheart and have three beautiful children. Things that interest me include: kids, healthy foods, coupons and great shopping deals. I am getting used to life with three little ones and my goals are getting my home organized, getting back into shape, and most of all loving my family & friends well each day!
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