CVS $4.95 …saved $113

This was a great week at CVS!  All of the items pictured cost me $4.95 (three transactions total).  I have $10.89 ECB left to use next time.

If you are interested in the details, here they are.  I tried to group the items in the photo together by which transaction I bought them in.  The Cottonelle Wipes in transaction #2 were part of the “Buy $25 of Kleenex, get $10 ECB”, but I needed to use them so that I wouldn’t be in the negative for the Maalox/Benefiber transaction.  When I purchased the remaining $23 of Kleenex products in the next transaction, I got the $10 ECB.  It took me a while to figure out that you could split up the promotions in separate transactions, as long as you purchase all the items during the deal week, you will get the ECB once you reach the total.  If you are interested in more information about this weeks deals, check out Simply CVS.  I just recently discovered this blog and it has some great info on how to shop CVS and various coupon match-ups.

Side Note: I did the first transaction on Sunday and the second two on Monday.  Usually, if I have two transactions, I do the first and take it to my car and come back for the second.  That way I don’t make anyone else wait longer, but it was super slow (and snowy outside) so I just asked if the cashier wouldn’t mind ringing me up two times since no one was in line.  She didn’t mind at all, which was super nice of her.  I always wondered how other people handle multiple transactions when I read other blogs, so I am mentioning that in case it helps anyone out 🙂

Bill saw my pile and said, “Will we use all this stuff?”  The answer is no, but I can donate the Maalox and Benefiber and maybe even some of the Kleenex.  I purchased those items because they were part of a “money maker scenario” or reduced my out of pocket cost for things that I do use.  I was super excited about the Finish, All, TP, wipes, and Kleenex.  If there is one thing I have learned in the past year it is stock up on the things you use when you see them at a great price.  The deals go in cycles and it is such a bummer to pay full price when you run out, remembering that you got it for almost nothing a few months ago.

We should be good with dishwasher detergent for 4-6 months (I think) and it is the kind that the kids LOVE so they will want to help with dishes.  Thank you, CVS!

About Jessica

I am married to my college sweetheart and have three beautiful children. Things that interest me include: kids, healthy foods, coupons and great shopping deals. I am getting used to life with three little ones and my goals are getting my home organized, getting back into shape, and most of all loving my family & friends well each day!
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9 Responses to CVS $4.95 …saved $113

  1. Dad says:

    Unbelievable! You are amazing!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Great trip! I always get out of line and go back if anyone else is there. If no one is in line I’ll check out again. I have gotten to know all my cashiers and we are usually chatting anyways if no one is there as we check out so it is natural to do more than one. But I often only have one totally ready anyways, because of the habit of checking out and moving away for others to check out. Thanks for linking up your CVS shopping trip at Simply CVS.

    • Jessica says:

      Thanks for your comment, Cheryl! I should work on getting to know my cashiers better because I do recognize all of them (not sure if they recognize me) and they are so nice to put up with my coupons 🙂

      • Cheryl says:

        I love getting to know the cashiers and a little about their families. My favorite has three children 2, 6 and 10 and I like to give her things for them once in a while. Christmas 2009 they had red hats free after extra bucks so I got her some of those for them. Makes it like going home when I go shopping.

      • Jessica says:

        That is so sweet!

  3. Travis says:

    Wow! This is awesome…

  4. Maureen says:

    Thanks for all of the info. I did my first coupon deal at CVS last week. I bought the 5 containers of Whisk for $5 ea, used 5 $2 off coupons and got back $10 ECB! It was such a rush! I walked out of there and called my mother right away, I told her I couldn’t wait to try it again! Yesterday I bought 4 Maalox for $6.49, used 4 coupons for $5 off and received $10 ECB again! Gotta love CVS!

  5. Jessica says:

    That is awesome, Maureen! Deals on laundry detergent are always nice, who wants to pay a fortune for cleaning clothes when you don’t have to? 🙂

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