Easter 2012

Better late than never….I wanted to put up some pictures of Easter.  Especially helpful for me to look back at remember what all we did this year 🙂  In these first four, they are doing an activity that went along with our Trail to the Tree devotional.  They have two fish (Swedish Fish) and five loaves (pieces of bread) and we talked about the Miracle of the Loaves & Fishes.  Each day they put an ornament (a painting that matched the scripture reading for that day) on the Easter tree.  They liked doing that quite a bit because it was sort of like a countdown to Easter.We also painted Easter pictures…in bunny ears and a superman cape.We also created little Easter Bunnies with blown out eggs, cottonballs, felt, pipe cleaners, and hot glue 🙂  Inspiration found here and I am sure foam eggs would last longer, but I had blown eggs on hand.  Now, the funny thing about these pictures is that I found them on my phone.  I am pretty sure Liam took all of the pictures because he likes to do that and they are taken from his seat at the table 🙂Were you wondering what was underneath the bunny above?  That is a skateboard of course with cottonball wheels.  That is Ginger’s rabbit and she drew the eyes on with a permanent marker (her request).  The bunny below has a ski board.  That was Liam’s idea.  A ski boarding Easter Bunny…and he had lots of fun helping it ski around the house.  
And my favorite picture that he took…This year was also the start of a tradition that I had growing up…. bunny trails on the floor.  That Easter Bunny likes to leave a little trail of M&Ms and they started in their bedrooms. I heard Liam all the way down the hall when he woke up saying something about candy all over the floor.  Surprisingly, they did not eat the M&Ms before coming to wake us.  That is what I thought would happen- ha!  Genevieve was so excited though, I put her on the floor and she immediately started collecting the candy off the floor.  
We hid their Easter baskets because that is how Bill’s family did Easter baskets and the  kids have fun searching.  They finished collecting the bunny trails until after they found their baskets 🙂  Ginger and Liam also talk about getting a chocolate Easter bunny so of course, they each had one in their baskets.  I bought Genevieve white chocolate because I thought it would be less mess…it worked because she hardly ate it (probably because it wasn’t brown!).  We tried to get a picture at church, Genevieve kept running away!
Here is Liam enjoying a Ring Pop from his Easter basket.  We followed up church with our usual family lunch, which was wonderful as always!
And the day after Easter, Ginger had the day off from school so we went to Deanna Rose!

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I am married to my college sweetheart and have three beautiful children. Things that interest me include: kids, healthy foods, coupons and great shopping deals. I am getting used to life with three little ones and my goals are getting my home organized, getting back into shape, and most of all loving my family & friends well each day!
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