Feel Good Pumpkin Pie

I have been trying really hard to make “no sugar” more of a consistent healthy habit. A lifestyle change maybe. Still, it is fall and I sure do enjoy desert! So I was wondering one day if I could sweeten pumpkin pie with only bananas and a quick google search brought up this fantastic recipe. I have made pumpkin pie without crust many times so I wouldn’t have even thought to make an oatmeal crust! Of course, I tend to tweak things so I did change a few things.

1. I pulsed the oats in a food processor just a bit.
2. Didn’t use peanut butter in the crust, just olive oil butter spread. Maybe natural peanut butter next time though because I am curious how it would taste.
3. I didn’t have coconut milk on hand so I just did skim milk. You could substitute whatever type of milk you drink. I am sure the coconut milk would be tasty though.
4. I used egg whites only for the crust and the pie.
5. I omitted the salt. This is just my personal war against so much salt in so many foods.
6. Definitely two bananas (!) and I puréed everything with my immersion blender instead of mashing the bananas.

It was delicious! Not like a full-cup-of-sugar-pumpkin pie, but still cold and creamy and with a crunchy crust. The pumpkin pie spices were also quite tasty. A dessert to feel good about and a recipe worth sharing. I think I will make it for Thanksgiving!




WARNING/TIP: Don’t try this unless you have been off of all types of sugary foods (including honey, maple syrup, artificial sweeteners etc.) for awhile. Your perspective and taste buds change a bit :).

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I am married to my college sweetheart and have three beautiful children. Things that interest me include: kids, healthy foods, coupons and great shopping deals. I am getting used to life with three little ones and my goals are getting my home organized, getting back into shape, and most of all loving my family & friends well each day!
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1 Response to Feel Good Pumpkin Pie

  1. Donna says:

    It looks very good.

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