Vacation Bible Camp 2013

This last week we all went to VBC! It was a great week! I think Ginger and Liam’s favorite was drama/mission/music time (and Puppets for Genevieve). This year the theme was Diary of a Faithful Kid (instead of “wimpy”), it was so clever and I think the skits and diary writing time were fantastic.

The mission project was to collect books for a bookmobile that will serve kids here in Kansas City, as of Thursday they had over 2,000 books. My kids loved looking at the bookmobile. They did it twice.

The money collected went to help buy books for a school being built by a Methodist church in Honduras.


This year was Liam’s turn to have me volunteer his class, which is how I got to have pictures of him. But, I did get to see Ginger a few times. Her teachers put together this cute note at the end of the week with the theme bible verse. Her class was called “The Cheeseheads” and the line leader got to wear the cheesehead! :).



They also really liked recreation time and the recreation on Friday is a shaving cream war. My kids told people about it all week. It was very highly anticipated. So much so, Genevieve wore her swimsuit and goggles to VBC even though she was too young to participate. After the shaving cream war, the fire department hoses the kids down to clean up. Liam said he did get to see Ginger while he was getting cleaned up. I didn’t get a picture of the fire department clean up, but it is just quite the sight!



When we got home, we had to have our own shaving cream war so that Genevieve could be involved. It was a blast! I chased them around the yard and covered them in shaving cream. They covered me, too. If you squirt it into your hand you end up with a big ball of shaving cream that you can throw like a snowball. It was a great way to end the last day of VBC!



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Good Old Outdoor Play

Over the weekend I made a “Fairy House” with Ginger so that she could use it to play with toys outside. This inspired by the fact that, as kids, we played outside with GI Joe toys and made them mud huts quite often.

With Drue and Neil visiting…they had to join in. They have great imagination (of course) and helped make this outdoor play even more fun. Drue helped Ginger make a hammock for Tink and a fire pit. Neil helped them make a river. This brought out our gigantic earthworms.

Genevieve likes holding worms and I am always afraid she will squeeze them too hard. Ginger was so worried that she was going to wipe all the slime off of it and then it would die.

Drue and Neil also helped Liam make a hut for Yoda and it needed a river to make it swampy.

Notice that Yoda has a hammock, too. The river flows underneath him. Wouldn’t it be nice to shrink down to that size and lie in a hammock with a stream underneath you?
Imaginations sparked and ready for summer!


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Pink Hair

Genevieve recently saw Liam getting a haircut and wanted one really bad. Since she hadn’t had her first haircut yet, I decided it was time. Ginger also needed a haircut, so off we went during Spring Break to have girl haircuts. Ginger went first and when her stylist asked if she wanted some pink hair (chalk), she was so excited! Genevieve wanted some also. It was really fun and the chalk just washed or brushed out! I should also mention that Liam had to come along, and that he behaved very nicely while waiting such a long time for the girls to be finished.







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Palm Sunday Snow

This doesn’t look like Palm Sunday/spring break weather…but we will take it! It was fantastic because Travis and Lauren came over in the afternoon and played in the snow with the kids! Fun times! This snowstorm was slightly less than the others so we had to add a bit more snow to make our toboggan run. It has been a great sledding winter for sure!




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Easter Egg Hunt 2013

This morning we were very excited to head to church for an Easter Egg Hunt. In addition to 12,000 eggs…we enjoyed face painting, inflatables, and more. It was fantastic! It was really nice to get out this morning since it is supposed to snow AGAIN on the last day of spring break. Don’t the kids look so cute with their Easter themed face paint? 🙂








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Yarn Egg Fun

We got a little crafty on Sunday afternoon. We painted crosses and then tried making these eggs from yarn, glue, water, and balloons. The funny thing was that Genevieve did not want to put any yarn on her egg, just glue. Then she just could not stop rubbing the glue covered balloon, sensory overload! She loved it.



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A Game of Laundry Jumble



20130307-160330.jpg Last week we played this little game, it is fun for Ginger and Liam, a bit tricky for Genevieve…she wants to peek so bad ( can you tell in that picture?).

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Homemade Pizza Lunches

I am so excited! I made homemade pizza crust for the first time and turned half of the recipe into 16 of these cute little pizza crusts. Thanks to Money Saving Mom for the idea and recipe! Liam and Genevieve are enjoying little pizzas for lunch right now (heated up) and I can’t wait for Ginger to try them in her lunch!

Tip: prick the dough with a fork…I did it halfway through since some of them were puffing up.

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Oh Genevieve


Laugh of the day!

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Gingerbread House Fun






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