I have three beautiful children and have been a stay-at-home mom since Liam was born.  I love taking the kids on fun outings, reading books to them, playing games (that is very popular with them right now), and taking pictures of them.   I consider myself an average cook (maybe), but I love to bake. I try to sneak vegetables into the things I make for the kids because they are picky and rarely eat vegetables in their original form.

I am married to Bill.  He is extremely funny, intelligent, sentimental, chivalrous, adaptable, persistent, and caring. He is a superb writer and I love to read anything he writes. I admitted to him that I was starting a blog, partly with the hope that he would write on it (and then I could read more of his writing).  I also want to share pictures and stories about the kids with our family members who live far away.

Before I stayed at home…I earned my B.S. in biology at Creighton University.  After college, I lived in Omaha and worked for ConAgra Foods.  When we moved to Kansas City, I found a job at Applebee’s International (now DineEquity), which was a great place to work with wonderful people.

When I can make time for “hobbies”, they are: reading (newspaper, books, blogs), baking, sewing, painting (walls & stuff), organizing, exercise (elliptical & Pilates) and now blogging.

Oh, and I got hooked on couponing about one year ago.  I have always loved grocery shopping (seriously) but now it is even more fun!  I also discovered the “drugstore game” at CVS and I really enjoy walking out of there with free stuff, things that my family needs for fantastic prices, and things that I can donate.

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