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Genevieve – 38 Weeks

My favorite part about this week: she makes the “mama” sound now. Least favorite: pink eye & ear infection at the same time

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Ginger was so excited that she had an outfit that matched Genevieve.  She even told her teachers as soon as she walked in the door at preschool.  I love the way they are looking at each other in this picture.

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I just had to post this picture because it is so cute…they were playing “Princess-King-Kitty-Pirate” and Genevieve was going to be Minnie Mouse, but she didn’t like her ears.

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Toy Story On Ice

Wednesday night we went to Toy Story On Ice, a special gift from Grandma & Grandpa.  It seems like it has been a long time since we did a family outing like this, so it was very special! We ate … Continue reading

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Genevieve – 37 Weeks

Genevieve finally got her first tooth on Tuesday!

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Genevieve – 36 Weeks

I discoverd a product that we had never tried with Ginger or Liam. It is Baby Mum-Mums, rice rusks. They are similar in texture to the little puffs and dissolve easily, but shaped like a cracker. It was great, because … Continue reading

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My Green Thumb

We have planted our seeds. Beets, spinach, tomatoes, and marigolds. I am not so sure how these will do in our yard since full sun is almost non-existant in our yard. It will be a fun experiment anyway. I was … Continue reading

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Genevieve – 35 Weeks

Genevieve turned 8 months this week!  Here she is on March 8th… I switched out some “infant” toys for some “crawling/sitting baby” toys.  I think she likes them.Here she is at 35 weeks (yesterday).  And by the way, still no … Continue reading

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Genevieve – 34 Weeks

Ready for bed!

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Swing High, Swing Low

That’s the way we like to go. We had a day of nice weather and all three kids enjoyed swinging 🙂 It’s been a good, busy week at our house.  It has been full of sanding kitchen cabinets, the mess … Continue reading

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