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This is the Good Life

I have vivid memories of spending time with my grandpa doing things like driving around in his truck “working”, shooting off fireworks at 4th of July, or eating M&Ms and he would say, “This is the good life”.  I could … Continue reading

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The kids love to go out on the patio to roast marshmallows with daddy.  If he mentions that he might do it with them, they never forget.  Liam usually gets marshmallow in his hair… and Ginger sometimes roasts her own, … Continue reading

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Ginger, Flower Shop Girl

After Liam’s “funny” picture at The Cashew, Ginger wanted her own “funny” picture.  We were in the neighborhood of the shop and luckily, Drue had this lovely piece for a funny picture.

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Ready for Dinner

Today while cooking dinner, I let the kids run around the backyard. Out the window, I saw Ginger hopping up and down and talking to Liam very excitedly so I went to the back door to listen and watch. They … Continue reading

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Hairstyle of the Week – #1

I had been thinking of photographing some of the ways I do Ginger’s hair and putting them in a book so that I would remember the various styles and not fall into a rut of doing the same thing over … Continue reading

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One Good Photo

Lately, I have been trying to decide if I should keep trying to get a good photo of all three kids, or just give in and take individual shots. At least if I keep trying, I might get lucky or … Continue reading

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Cashew : No Liam

When Genevieve was just a couple weeks old, Liam had a cashew for the first time. A stomach ache and hives from head to toe quickly followed. We ended up having him tested and it is official…no more cashews in … Continue reading

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Time to bring out the baby toys?

Genevieve has been very interested the mirror and rolling ball in her crib in the family room. She gets pretty excited sometimes and waves and kicks. I think she might be trying to touch the ball on purpose…not sure. I … Continue reading

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Genevieve -10 Weeks

I am hoping to at least take a picture of Genevieve once a week, probably on Thursday since the other two are in preschool. That works out perfectly since she was born on a Thursday, just like Ginger and Liam.

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We had a funny conversation in the car tonight. Very often I cannot hear half of what Ginger is saying because she is all the way in the back, but this time she had trouble hearing me.  We were on … Continue reading

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