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My Bob Vila?

Bob, Norm, Tim….no its MY tool man, Bill!  Tools have been all over my kitchen for quite some time now and it is so nice to have them out in the garage where they belong!  When we first moved in, … Continue reading

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Lauren’s Bridal Shower

On Sunday, we (Drue, Mom, and I) had a bridal shower for Lauren.  We are so excited to have her joining our family and really glad for the opportunity to throw a little party for her!  As always, Drue decorated … Continue reading

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Genevieve – 50 Weeks

So this past week we went over to Mom & Dad’s neighborhood pool and Genevieve loved swimming in the baby pool in her little floaty thing.  It was like a little walker for the water because she could touch the … Continue reading

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Genevieve – 49 Weeks

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Happy Father’s Day!

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The Zoo on a Gorgeous KC Day

On Saturday we went to the zoo for a quick visit after swimming lessons to let Bill paint the lower half of the kitchen cabinets.  Above, they are watching the sea lion show. For some reason, I had my camera … Continue reading

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Genevieve – 48 Weeks

Every letter makes a sound, the A says “Ah”… This is a picture of Genevieve being my little helper in the laundry room a couple days ago.  She turned 11 months this week!  She has been pretty talkative lately…we decided … Continue reading

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Hairstyle of the Week – #14

Now that it is really heating up, it’s time for some great summer hairdos.  Here is a really easy one that is unique and cute.  The idea comes from Cute Girls Hairstyles, so check out their video to learn how to … Continue reading

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Genevieve Rides Rody

I let Genevieve try out Rody a couple days ago and found that she could sit by herself and even grab onto the ears and bounce. I was trying to get a smiling picture of her riding the pony, but … Continue reading

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Bug Catchers

Grandma & Grandpa stopped in KC briefly on a short weekend trip so we went to the airport to see them.  Grandma & Kevin had gone shopping and found a bug container, bug collecting tools, etc.  Ginger & Liam looked … Continue reading

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