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I Heart Faces – Scenic BW

Ginger and Liam at the Meyer Circle Fountain (17th Century, but came to KC in the 1920’s).  They loved looking in the water and I was lucky they didn’t fall in because they walked all around it.

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Santa Mr. Potato Head

This is a Ginger creation. That is our elf hat from the dress-up box and she cut out the beard and mustache and taped them on. I think the kids are ready for Christmas already!  

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CVS Thanksgiving $0.70

I am finally getting around to posting this picture that I took of my finds at CVS on Thanksgiving morning. Basically, there are about a dozen items free after ECB and some make money (because there are coupons for some … Continue reading

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Hotel Fun

We are at the family reunion and this is how much the kids were enjoying bedtime in the hotel.

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The Pacifier

Liam still uses his pacifier at nap and bedtime.  I am writing this post for two reasons.  First, I don’t remember when Ginger gave up hers, I think she was around three like Liam.  I can’t believe that I don’t … Continue reading

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CVS $.95 Diapers and more!

Finally, a good week at CVS! Last week I “bought” another free Oral-B Vitality toothbrush and 4 bags of M&Ms for $5. I “needed” chocolate for St. Nick’s. So, this week is a great example of how a $5 off … Continue reading

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Genevieve -19 weeks

She was watching us decorate the Christmas tree and enjoying it quite a bit.  This week she has really been enjoying her exersaucer (and so am I)!

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Lidia was doing a book signing at Hen House so I wanted to go and meet her.  The kids were really good (we had to wait in a line).  Liam told her that he misses his Daddy when he goes … Continue reading

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Liam’s (dish) Glove

Yesterday was another lovely fall day here, the kids went outside to play after lunch.  I was cleaning up in the kitchen when Liam came in and grabbed a yellow rubber dish glove that had been sitting on the counter … Continue reading

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Bob and Larry

This was a super fun night for the kids.  I can’t believe Bob and Larry have arms!  If only this night would have convinced Ginger and Liam to eat vegetables 🙂

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