Ginger’s First Day of Kindergarten

Ginger started her first day this week.  It was exciting, and turns out she was nervous that first day but she just didn’t tell us then.  She did really great and when we got to her room I knew she would be fine when she found her desk and went to hang her backpack up and her teacher asked if she remembered where the hook was and she said, “Yes, I do!” in a very confident, happy voice.  On the way out the door of the class the teacher handed me a piece of paper…I glanced at it and realized that it was a poem and if I read it I would cry so I just waited until later.  Whew!

This photo was blurry, but it was so cute of Bill walking her into school and Father greeting them. 
At her desk, ready for the day!So the most precious part of the day was when we picked her up.  I wish I had known that I would need my camera, but I am quite sure it is one of those memories that I will see in my head forever.  The sidewalk where the kindergarten classes come out is really long, so we were standing with the other parents at the end of the sidewalk and the class came outside.  Liam saw Ginger and RAN to her.  I called for him to wait, but he didn’t listen.  Then Ginger started running to him, despite her teacher trying to keep her in line.  They grabbed each other and hugged (oh it makes me cry to think of what a sweet moment it was).  Then Liam reached up and put his hands on her cheeks and was talking to her.  I couldn’t hear what he said, but I found out later.  While Ginger was at her first day we had gone to the gym and he had colored a green picture and a pink picture (for Ginger).  He said the pictures were Yoshi and Peach (their “latest favorite characters”).  After he hugged her, he was telling her that he made a Peach picture for her.  AND, when I checked her backpack there was a picture that said “My First Day” and she had drawn herself and wrote her name, but on the back was a drawing of a blue boy and she had written Liam on it.  They were thinking of each other, doesn’t it just melt your heart?

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  1. smhdh says:

    Makes me happy as a parent…validation that we must be doing SOMETHING right 🙂

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